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Has someone ever asked you the question, “Any luck?” What does this generally mean when someone asks this question? Does it mean, did you succeed, did you get what you wanted, did it work out, was it a miraculous outcome, etc? When I really think of this question, it seems to me that it would have to be a miracle to work out, otherwise, why would the word “luck” come into the equation?

If you look up this word luck, you will see how the dictionary defines it as success or failure brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions…so from this meaning, is there even such a thing as luck? As we come to March, often times people will mention “the luck o’ the Irish be with you.” But as you talk to so many Irish people, you will hear them say they have never really had the luck of the Irish.

Let me introduce a new way of thinking about this word “luck.” What about calling this word favor, knowing that favor comes from the One who can bring things about in a miraculous way, not by chance, but done for you because He loves you.

There is this man in the Bible, who had exceptional favor. It seemed like every circumstance he was in, what was intended for bad would turn out to be good. Some people would call him lucky, but really he had the favor of God on his life, don’t you want this, I know I do?!

Oftentimes, we may think that luck has a play in our life, I know a lot of people call me lucky. But I truly believe this is the favor of the One who created me, who loves me, and who wants the best for me, and is constantly looking out for me. This Spring, this March, let’s come together and ask God for favor, favor on our lives and favor for our community!

As always, I’m praying for our community, and would love to talk to you more about God’s favor on your life. God bless you with tremendous favor!

God Bless, Pastor Jay Houck