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This last Sunday, we celebrated life at church. It was a great day of celebration! As we begin to look to the new year, as we begin to look to all the fun festivities, we need to have life!


Ezekiel 37:8says, “Then as I watched, muscles and flesh formed over the bones. Then skin formed to cover their bodies, they they still had no breath in them.” This is a sad thing to me, because I see a lot of people walking around like this, they have their bodies, they have their minds, they do their activities, will even get together for celebrations, but they have no life!


This season, can we have life? This season, will you take time to enjoy life? I want to share a quick dream with you, remember that I am a dreamer. There are many that will try to interpret my dreams, it is fun to hear all the different interpretations, some of the interpretations have not been so fun!


Back to the dream: Andrea, my wife, and I were riding motorcycles. We were on a dirt trail, had some ups and downs, various obstacles as the trails typically have. Then we came to this creek, and as I looked at the creek, it was dirty. I thought about this dirty creek, and figured it was from all the riding of the motorcycles in this creek. 3 days later, I am back at the beginning of this trail. This time I decide to walk the trail. The Lord told me to go to the creek again…I went to the creek and it was pure, clear, more water flowing than before and flowing really good. I came back to the starting point again, and I saw others who were going to ride their motorcycles on the path, and I asked the Lord if this would dirty the creek again…I wanted to stop them…then I woke up.


Cool dream huh… Here is just a quick insight to what the Lord has been telling me about this dream: If we are on motorcycles, it makes us go down the path faster, we miss a lot of things, it can dirty up our lives because of missing these things, we have our body, but no life! If we slow ourselves down, enjoy the things of life, the water seems so much clearer, the blessings that He is giving us, we are able to enjoy! There is a lot more to this dream interpretation, but I want you to ask yourself this: Are you taking in everything you can take in with this life God is giving you? Will you join me in doing your best to enjoy this season? Will you ask the Lord to breathe life into you?


God bless you! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy life!


Pastor Jay