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This Sunday, we will be celebrating many things at the church…so I am calling this Sunday “Life.” We will be dedicating two babies, one of those my granddaughter, Daisy Love. The other one, Bradie, she will only be close to a month old when we dedicate her, I think she will be the youngest baby I have dedicated. Then we will be celebrating the church’s birthday, 7 years old. Another celebration will be my birthday, I will be 46 years old. All of these celebrations represent life, and we need this excitement into in our lives!

But, I don’t ever want to forget what November 11th means, yes as a kid, I always enjoyed this day because it is my birthday, and I was always able to have this day off since it is a Federal Holiday. But this day represents so much more, a day to honor our veterans, a day to remember them, a day to pray for them, a day to celebrate them. It is because of these veterans who have sacrificed so much, that we are able to celebrate life.

The Bible says this, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” To me, when I think of the veterans, the ones who have served and the ones who are serving, I think of them as friends, because after all, they are laying down their lives for me, and for you.

So this Sunday, November 11th, let’s celebrate life together: the babies, the church, the pastor, and the Veterans.

God bless you.


Pastor Jay